What is Buddhism

Buddhism goes beyond religion and is even beyond philosophy It is as way of life' a philosophy means love of wisdom'  But in Buddhism especially Zen,  it is a path that must be experienced and the Buddhist path can be summed up in a simple way as:To awaken and


 (1) to lead a moral life,
(2) to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and
(3) to develop wisdom and understanding.

 Buddhism explains a purpose to life or our role in life and how we can undersrtand ourselves and cease our suffering, it explains apparent injustice and inequality around the world, and it provides a way of life a practice that leads to true happiness.

 Buddhism is becoming popular in western countries for a number of reasons, The first good reason is Buddhism has answers to many of the problems in modern materialistic societies.


Who Was the Buddha?

 Siddhartha Gotama was born into a royal family in Lumbini, now located in Nepal, in 563 BC. At 29, he realized that wealth and luxury did not guarantee happiness, so he explored the different teachings religions and philosophies of the day, to find the key to human happiness. After six years of study and meditation he finally found 'the middle path' and was enlightened. After enlightenment, the Buddha spent the rest of his life teaching the principles of Buddhism — called the Dhamma, or Truth — until his death at the age of 80.

• Was the Buddha a God?
NO He was not, nor did he claim to be.

 Do Buddhists Worship Idols?

 Buddhists sometimes pay respect to images of the Buddha, not in worship, nor to ask for favors. A statue of the Buddha with hands rested gently in its lap and a compassionate smile reminds us to strive to develop peace and love within ourselves. Bowing to the statue is an expression of gratitude for the teaching it helps us to remember the path we are on.


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