Buddhist Koans

After many years of studying Buddhism  and living meditation as a "Way of Life.
" Master Hughes,  Named the temple¬† "Dano Shen Ryu Zen Center. 

Dai osho Master Hughes

1. "If the Echo of One's Triumphs overcome the Guidance of His Light, One has become lost in His Own Shadow."

2. A Warrior passed by a Stream and saw His Reflection and wondered, " Had he passed this Way before?"

3. "Those who seek Wisdom by Thought are denied Wisdom. Those who seek Wisdom by Deed are not ready for Wisdom. There must be a Balance to begin such a Journey."

4. "Freedom to Do, Freedom to See, Freedom to Hear, Is Freedom what it seems to be?"

5. "I could not see what I truly was because the EGO is an illusion of Self."

6. "My Voice was so thunderous that I could not hear not hear my Soul's Tiny Voice."
All of the above Koan's were written by Master Hughes, O'Sensei.
This is a quote for those you who are studying to be a teacher.

"It is clearly wrong to act as a Teacher of others before your own Mind's ground is clearly illuminated." Author --- Master Fayan

Master Hughes is an engaged Buddhist with a history of humanitarian work for which he is well known He holds numerous commendations including Texas House of representatives, The governor of Texas and the office of victims of crime U.S. Department of justice. A unique teacher a student once asked him the age old question of who are you? Master Hughes replied I am the sum of everything and the sum of nothing, ''leaving the student baffled.




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