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Dai roshi, Master Hughes, Buddhist name Shinkai-kosei,meaning Deep ocean. Rōshi (老師?) (Japanese: "old teacher"; "old master"; Chinese pinyinLǎoshī) is an honorific title used for a highly venerated senior teacher in Zen Buddhism.


The Venerable Master Hughes or Roshi is a highly respected Zen Master and highly recognized for his humanitarian work. He operated the dainoshin ji temple for 20 years the temple held 501c3 status.

Master Hughes is an engaged Buddhist his past speaks for itself, he clearly defines action over opinions.   He has been recognized as having extensive expertise and training. Some of his recognition is below. A highly gifted teacher.

One of the few Zen Master's  in Texas.   Presently in Houston TX.


Quote Master Hughes "I've spent a good portion of my life alone, so what do I do when I'm alone. I like to gaze upon the star's and see the world as the Buddha saw it. Touching the relationship of all things."

There are many Zen masters that have gained some notoriety as Buddhists, but few  have been so highly recognized for their individual accomplishments. He was the first Buddhist Master to be recognized in the north east Texas area appearing in numerous articles.


He is the most accomplished Zen master in Texas, a lifelong advocate and antiviolence expert. He has worked with troubled and violent youth. Master Hughes has trained thousands of individuals including government and law enforcement employees and crisis center workers. He has trained executives in security and safety procedures,  his is a life of action not talk.

Master Hughes has even traveled to New York to provide security training for an international company with staff in numerous countries. 

It is good that someone in the Buddhist community is so recognized. His expertise also includes training for humanitarian workers in traumatic stress and antiviolence programs.

Even though he has appeared before thousands of people he is still a relatively quiet person often staying at the center quietly doing his humanitarian work.
Well known for his work having spent twenty years working with troubled and violent youth.  

Master Hughes one stated “what good is a monk who accomplishes a life of sitting in robes without leaving his mark on the world."


 His Buddhist name reflects his depth of knowledge, he has lectured at many institutions including the Killeen leadership academy and the University of Texas.

 Grand Master of the Martial arts,now retired,his martial arts career spanned 30 years. Martial artists have come from all over to meet him. Master Hughes has extensive expertise in several fields and has in the past held certification as a trauma responder.



Having been recognized 9 times, once by the United States Department of Justice Office for Victims of crime, His name is honored in the Texas legislature. Recognizing him as an esteemed advocate of the state of Texas.



Master Hughes has provided training to many influential agencies such as NASA,  Boys and girls club of America,  East Texas Crisis centers

Master Hughes has a long list of accomplishments, the last being recognition 2011 from SOS coordinator at NASA for Providing support in Training of Government employees.

In 2010 mentioned in a Houston chronicle article because of his expertise in Security. He is often contacted by news agencies such as the Washington post. And in Senate of the State of Texas 2007.

In 2007 He was    recognized by the senate state of Texas member, Senator Nichols and in 2006 by United States Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime.

In  2005 by  The Texas legislature for his invaluable contributions, Which states in part: WHEREAS, Master M J Hughes has greatly contributed to the quality of life in Cherokee County, and his efforts are truly admirable.  He has also been recognized by Governor Perry's office for his "commitment and generosity to community in the Lone star State".

By State Representative Chuck Hopson on for his leadership and work in  rural and community development.   And Congressman Jeb Henserling for his involvement in Humanitarian causes and Senator Cornyn. He has been listed in Who's Who in America 57th edition. 

Founder of the National Meditation center for World Peace and the Dainoshin ji, his work has touched the lives of several generations.

He has been contacted by agencies such as MaHa bodi society, Hazrat Mohammad of India, and Daniel Markell casting producer of wife swap who stated, "I'm extremely impressed with yours life's work".

 Born Texas 1956 Involved since Youth in humanitarian work he is an accomplished marital arts Master having studied Karate Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, originally certified by Korean Master.  Graduate from University of Texas Bachelor in Criminology and Masters in Technology Training and Education.

 A student once asked him the age old question of who are you? Master Hughes replied " I am the sum of everything and the sum of nothing, ''leaving the student baffled.

Master Hughes  is a content expert in Asian Meditation so unique that Area Professors, Teachers , Psychologist, and Doctors  have come to the center seeking Information on these subjects.

Humanitarian expertise
 Master Hughes has been involved   and active with victims and juveniles services for 20 years. He has traveled to the Philippines, where he personally witnessed child slavery.  

Bio There have been over 44 articles on the center's programs.  He has ben contacted by news agencies such as the Washington post, and most recently in a article in the Houston Chronicle.

 Zen in Houston Texas, Conroe and the Woodlands TX Buddhist Houston, and Buddhism in Houston.


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Venerable Master Hughes is a highly respected Zen Master.
when it comes to peace everyone knows he's the best teacher [around]

he puts his words into practice
not just a preacher

as he said " what good is a monk who accomplishes a life of sitting in robes without leaving his mark on the world."

His efforts got respect
from the state of Texas and US Department of Justice
for his humanitarian projects

Venerable Master Hughes we salute your word
to not only preach but to leave a mark on the world

Venerable Master Hughes we salute your word
to not only preach but to leave a mark on the world

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