The Corner stone's of Buddhist belief.

The Way of Zen  is to  attain enlightenment after eliminating ignorance by becoming aware and eliminating self-attachment thru one's own effort. Enlightenment is attained through self-discipline and dispelling our ignorance.

You cannot buy enlightenment Nor can it be understood because you read a book. It must be gained thru self realization and sacraficing our illusions.

However, when observing ourselves we often come to realize how much we are unable to fulfill the required disciplines to eliminate ignorance and self-attachment.

By seriously reflecting upon ourselves and our nature, we may realize how "unliberated" we are .

When we see our true nature we see how weak we really are and that can be pretty scary. It tends to threaten our identity . We constantly tell ourselves that were are our own masters only to see actually how we are living in ignorance.

By first taking the step to realize ones nature. You will realize the great battle is inside. You will understand the great battle was only a battle of self. As they say the heavens will open for you to proceed.


Why  are the sutras important, because they are a direct result of wisdom found during meditation.

Buddhism opened more pathways of the mind than anything in the history of man.
Zen teaches us how to live by inquiring into and clarifying ourselves. This self-questioning is well suited to our contemporary ways of thinking. Rather than seeking salvation through an "other" or through grace, we achieve it on our own. This is true to the original teaching of the Buddha.

When discussing Zen Buddhism, one often encounters the character for emptiness, mu, in expressions such as "no self," "no ego," "no holiness," and "no permanence." It is through the actual experience of mu — which means transcending affirmation and negation, being and nonbeing — that satori or spiritual awakening occurs.

One can finally come to realize the essential spirit of Zen. Intellectual understanding is merely the first step in knowing about Zen; But it is not Zen to enter Zen your must deepen that understanding, one must experience mu for oneself.


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