Kinhin or Walking Meditation

Master Hughes

Studying Zen can be tough of the legs and mind. So Kinhin or Walking meditation allows another way to practice and a chance to to rest and stretch our legs between periods of stationary meditation.

In the formal version of waking meditation, the head, shoulders, back, eyes, breath, and awareness are as in sitting meditation. The hands can be held as in sitting meditation.

In many religious traditions, walking is a spiritual practice. The reason traditions like Zen use walking as a form of spiritual practice, It show's that thier is a bridge between meditation and everyday life. It provides a simple way for begginners to join a life of Zen with thier normal life. You must realize Zen and Life are the same.

Mindful walking is meditation in action

The walking is a slow continuous motion with short steps. We breathe synchronously with our steps, usually breathing in on one step and out on the next.