Zen in the woods

Zen Buddhism Houston tx, A Dai no Shin Ji Project By Master Hughes


A word about our purpose from Master Hughes

Buddha means one who is awakened

If a person wants to find the Buddha you must look within. You must investigate your mind dispelling the ignorance gained thru years of opinions, and clarify your nature. Zen sight!

You must investigate it when standing, sitting or lying. When speaking or silent. Even eating or drinking.

Unclutter the mind the understanding of Zen is within.

When you have exhausted all efforts, let go of all sense of self. When you find the mountain that you cannot cross.

Give up exhausted, mentally and physically, cling to nothing, for you can take nothing with you. Then the gate of Zen will open.

And as suddenly as a lightening bolt strike. Insight, will fall upon you like a spring shower. With blistered feet, an exhausted mind, you will have the resolve of Fudoshin ( literally Immovable mind), you will understand Zanshin ( literally remaining spirit) and will have experienced Mushin ( literally no mind).

You are now one of us.

In Buddhism, to Namaste

Buddhists typically bow to rid themselves of attachment to ego and vanity, this binds one to samsara. To bow to and say Namaste to an elder, friend, guru, statue of the Buddha, or even a stranger is a sign of respect rather than devotion. The bow of respect contributes tangibly to the path away from attachment, it crushes the ego.

Dainoshin Ji

Dainoshin ji means big field mind temple, Zen buddhism the dainoshin ji teaching program was First established in Jacksonville Tx where it operated for 20 years. I have now moved to Conroe.
The purpose is to help people develop their Zen abilities the path to Zen.

Zen in Houston tx. Zen in the woods is being operated from Conroe Texas, Just outside of Houston tx. On this website we have Zen quotes, Zen habits, Zen koans, we will even include some zen jujitsu and Zen definitions.

Where Master Hughes has bought some property and placed a small cabin. The property is slowly being developed and Master Hughes has set up a small video studio in the cabin.


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